1 Hour Group Walk
We offer two 1 hour play sessions per day.  In these play sessions we will visit different dog parks in the Yonge and Eglinton area with special trips to the beaches and High Park to mix things up!
15 Minute Dog Pee Break 
If your dog needs an afternoon break to get out, stretch their legs and do their business we can help. A quick walk around the neighbourhood is the perfect way to break up the day.
15 Minute Cat Sitting
Your cat is in good hands while you’re off enjoying your vacation. While you are gone we will check mail, collect newspapers, water plants and scoop the cat litter while in the home at no extra charge. We will also stay and play with your cat to ensure that they are happy and healthy and looking forward to your return. If there are any medical requirements please let me know in advance.
Pet Taxi Service
Grooming appointments, vet visits whatever you need we’re here to help.